Interview: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter designer

Interview: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter designer

7 April 2018 19:00

A few of the greatest vehicle designs come from our compatriot Bertrand Janssen. Literally, while he is Creative Manager Truck and Van at Daimler and therefore the person who signs for that all-new Sprinter. AutoWeek spoken with him.

The brand new Sprinter, that will present its dynamic presentation next Monday in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, is actually brand-new. Nonetheless, he still looks nearly the same as that old one of all the position. Design manager Bertrand Janssen is happy with that judgment, while he has emphatically attempted to accomplish this image. "The thing is the entire picture from the vehicle, by which all of the characteristic elements return, but in different ways. The form from the side home windows is extremely decisive for viewing vehicle as well as typical Sprinter the proportions play a decisive role within the overall picture of the vehicle." New would be that the bonnet continues to be placed more flat. "This creates one two-box-design, so an emphatic separation of bonnet and car windows, so the vehicle will get a genuine nose."

No big Vito

The Sprinter is much like the idea vehicle Vision Van. That was really there before? Bertrand: "The Sprinter was ready sooner than the research model, haha. We built the second to warm-up the general public for that new production model, although it seemed to be a showcase for that many new releases that we will offer using the Sprinter." Remarkably, the Sprinter doesn’t look not surprisingly, being an enlarged variant from the still fairly fresh Vito. "We really didn’t want the second. It doesn’t need to. The models each address their very own target group and they don’t always need to be each other peoples image. Should you put our organization cars alongside, you’ll clearly begin to see the family relationship. Each model must present itself like a real Mercedes by itself strength."

Thin attachments

What’s striking would be that the lines from the new Sprinter have grown to be calmer, but aren’t as incredibly tight just like the Vision Van."Using the Vision Van it had been an objective by itself to really make it completely tight. That vehicle had around the left, where there’s no door, the biggest piece created successfully carbon sheet metal that the organization from whom it’d available. We’re not able to and don’t want something similar to this in the Sprinter for stiffness alone you’ll need some lines on the way. Nonetheless, we would have liked to achieve the appearance from the Sprinter flush. Smooth, so. With as thin as you possibly can split lines, the attachments from the sheet metal parts." The brand new Sprinter appears smaller sized, but it’s not. How’s that possible? "Due to the fact the corners are rounded. The bumpers are new which made the trunk overhang optically smaller sized and fewer heavy."


Additional features include using obvious lens technology, where you can find forget about ribs within the lamps, however the shapes reveal themselves ‘behind glass’. "They are details that cost an amazing period of time and, also because we’re for various models different lamps needed to develop. Well, yes, we must do this since the new technology gave us individuals options." A pleasant detail which was developed in the urgent request of Volker Mornhinweg, the large boss of Mercedes-Benz Vans, concerns the low ride height. "He wanted the Sprinters to face less high in legs. You don’t view it immediately, however the Sprinter has become 25 mm less than the prior one." That simply like this for any bit to complete, was once, like everything in the area of Janssen, a utopia: "The Sprinter is a world vehicle, to ensure that he or she must meet all worldwide needs. Then you’ve to protect an optical change such as this." In almost any situation, the facts would be the overall picture to create, seems from Janssens story: "You sometimes don’t view it, however the work you place right into a design doesn’t necessarily purchase stuff that are extremely noticeable. It’s the other way round if you don’t place the maximum one somewhere, you all of a sudden notice within the design phase it looks awful. Making everything right, takes lots of energy. Particularly with delivery van‘s, simply because they come available on the market in four lengths, three heights and, furthermore, like a pick-up." (because of Take advantage of Blom for that photo of Bertrand Janssen)