BMW is demonstrating autonomous i3

BMW is demonstrating autonomous i3 (BMW will demonstrate its Personal CoPilot system for the first time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The system – which makes it possible to drive at autonomous level 5 – is demonstrated in the i3. P How could it be otherwise: almost every brand is busy with the development of autonomous systems. So also BMW. During the technical fair in the Catalan capital there is now an i3 with an empty driver’s seat. This car reaches level 5 – and with it the highest attainable level – of autonomous driving. To refresh your memory: at level 4 a car actually drives around independently, but in level 5 that goes under every kind of (weather) conditions. The i3 driving around in Spain now succeeds and demonstrates this to the public. / P p Scholars can use an app on the smartphone to indicate where they are located, so that the BMW can go there independently. You can enter after logging in via a screen on the outside. The destination is then already transmitted by the smartphone, after which the journey can begin. Once arrived at the destination, the car is closed again by the screen on the outside, after which the BMW parks itself. BMW wants to launch a fully autonomous, level 5 car in 2021.
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