Leaked: Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe (An image of the very likely Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe has surfaced on the internet. P Mercedes-AMG is currently busy with a teaser campaign to bring the AMG GT Coupe to the attention, but thanks to a French forum we have the first image on which the car is completely visible in the picture.

The car on the photo seems in any case very similar to the new member of the Mercedes family. The AMG GT Coupe, a car that shares its technical platform with cars such as the E and CLS class, has a seemingly fixed rear spoiler or a folded active model on this image. Under the hood at least the biturbo 4, 0-liter V8 serves as power plant. Today or tomorrow, Mercedes-AMG will be pulling the canvas of its new Panamera competitor. Keep an eye on us in the coming period! Keep me informed about the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT