M Performance Parts for BMW X2, X3 and X4

BMW adds a whole series of M Performance Parts to the order books of both X2, X3 and X4.

Those who want X2, X3 or X4 to look as if they are both more expensive and faster, can come to BMW for a collection of new M Performance Parts.

The cars can be dressed with the words M Performance on the sides and also in the bumper this text can be placed. Special carbon fiber-reinforced side mirror covers appear in the catalog, the same applies to alloy wheels. For the X2, wheels can get up to 20 inches, while X3 and X4 buyers can also opt for 21-inch units.

More decoration comes in the form of LED projectors that can project the M logo on the ground. Inside, the models are introduced to – how could it be otherwise – special floor mats and an M steering wheel. Carbon lovers can even opt for a carbon fiber and leather finished model on the X3 and X4.