Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe ready for unveiling

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe ready for unveiling (Mercedes-AMG will soon add a new variant to the GT theme to its portfolio. It is a variant with two extra doors, a car that will frighten the Porsche Panamera during the Geneva Motor Show. P Contrary to what the car might look like, the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe is not just an AMG GT with two extra doors. In fact, it seems that we will come across CLS and therefore E-class technology subcutaneously. That does not matter at all, because it looks very much like Mercedes-AMG just put the famous 4, 0-liter big biturbo V8 from the AMG GT in the nose of the GT Coupe.

The addition of this new variant seems to indicate a new policy at Mercedes-Benz. The new CLS class, which previously also had 63 AMG flavors, does not seem to have a more powerful brother above the 53 AMG. This AMG GT Coupe, which takes the sportiness of the CLS to a higher level, would jump into the gap that the 63 AMG leaves behind. It’s a bit more extreme.

The GT Coupe is the production version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, a concept car with which Mercedes-AMG has already given a realistic preview of the future. Remarkably, Mercedes-AMG calls its newcomer ‘GT Coupe’, while the already known AMG GT is already a coupe of its own. The car will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Then we have all the information.