Techrules highlights Ren RS

Techrules highlights Ren RS (The Chinese Techrules has revealed the Ren RS, a hard-hitting track racer that will soon make the Geneva show floor unsafe. P The Ren RS is the extra potent circuit version of the already impressive Ren on paper that the Chinese Techles last year in Geneve explained. Where the original had a total space for three occupants, this Ren RS is a single racer.

The Ren RS has been adjusted by motorsport specialist L.M. Gianetti in Turin. The car is available with four or six electric motors. In the latter there are two electric motors in the front and four in the back. The total power is in the six-engine version at 1.305 hp, the torque is 2.340 Nm and a sprint from standstill to 100 km / h is in 3 beats over. The top speed is 330 km / h. The four-engine variant kicks it up to 870 hp and 1, 560 Nm. Like previous products from Techrules, the car fitted with a carbon fiber monocoque has a turbine that can power a generator. This combination has the function of a range extender. The battery pack measures 28.4 kWh and, if you include the 80 liters of diesel that the turbine absorbs, a range of 1170 kilometers is possible.

According to Techrules the chassis is stiffer than that of the regular Ren . The Ren RS will receive, among other things, carbon-ceramic inhibition that is not only more powerful, but also 30 kilos lighter than the Ren braking system.

Techrules has ambitious plans. The company is currently working hard to speak to international companies to enable global production and sales.