This is the Jaguar I-Pace!

This is the Jaguar I-Pace!

Where other brands only talk about the future, we are building that future , says the words of Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, the figures are impressive at any rate.The four-wheel drive I-Pace has two electric motors, which together are good for 400 hp and 696 Nm of torque, a sprint from standstill to 100 km / h becomes a fact in 4.8 seconds, in this case the range is more relevant: the I-Pace is equipped with a 90 kWh battery pack and therefore the new, more realistic WLTP cycle must be possible with a range of 480 km, and the range is 543 kilometers, according to the old and less accurate NEDC method.T For comparison, a Tesla gives a NEDC value for the Model X 100D. 565 kilometers on, for the P100D and 75D these values ​​are respectively 542 and 417 kilometers.

Battery empty? No worries. With a 100 kW charger, the battery pack can be fully charged up to 80 percent of its capacity in 40 minutes. In 15 minutes there is enough power again for a range of 100 kilometers. If the I-Pace is hanging at home on an AC wallbox (7 kW), it takes about ten hours.

Jaguar promises that the I-Pace is stiffer than any other Jaguar. The battery pack is placed as low as possible in the carriage under the floor. The brand speaks of a weight distribution of 50:50 and a suspension that consists of double triangles at the front. Behind is an Integral Link suspension available. Air suspension and an adaptive chassis are optional. The cW value is 0.29. The I-Pace gets an active grille from Jaguar, which can close to reduce the air resistance.

Space and indulgence

The wheelbase of the 4.68 meters long I-Pace measures 2.99 meters. Jaguar compares the interior space of his Benjamin with that of other SUVs. Under the rear seats there are storage options for, for example, a tablet. The cargo area measures 656 liters. Those who throw the back seat should be able to stow 1,453 liters of stuff.

On the dashboard we include the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, a system consisting of two touchscreens that we already know from the Land Rover Range Rover Velar. We also find touch-sensitive surfaces on the center console and the instruments are completely digital and can therefore be tuned to their own taste. The I-Pace can also be updated ‘over the air’.

Whoever is charmed by the I-Pace and his already impressive figures on paper can already place his order. The starting price has been set at € 80,330. The I-Pace is available as S, SE and HSE. You can order a First Edition temporarily.

Test phase

This is the Jaguar I-Pace!

A car like the I-Pace naturally does not come about just like that. According to Jaguar, more than 500 engineers worldwide have been working on the development of the model. Jaguar has built more than 200 prototypes, test models that have jointly covered more than 1.5 million test kilometers and have also been tested thousands of hours in laboratories. The cars have even passed more than 400 test rounds on Nardo and on the Nurburgring.