Back to Basics: Mini Clubman

Back to Basics: Mini Clubman

Back to Basics: Mini Clubman (Those looking for a trendy car will soon end up at the local Mini dealer. But what is left of the crazy model when you omit all options? This week in Back to Basics: the Mini Clubman. P strong Mini One Clubman / br € 28.100

It’s been eleven years since Mini started first put the Clubman in the range. Inspired by the original three-door hatchback Mini draws a big ass, with the symbolizing tailgate. In 2015, Mini takes the latest generation of cloth that we now put into the configurator. At the top of the list is a Mini Clubman in the One version. This is on the driveway for just over 28 mille. For that money you get a 102 hp strong 1, 5-liter petrol engine with manual transmission. With the specified average consumption of 5, 8 liters per 100 kilometers, the operating costs should remain within limits. A sprint to the speed of 100 km / h does the Brit in 11, 1 seconds.

When we look at the equipment of the One, it is clear that we are dealing with a premium brand. The gray metallic paint and 16-inch alloy wheels are standard available. We also encounter many chromed decorative elements. As we know Mini, there are plenty of cooler and happier colors and cooler wheels (11 others!) To order, but for a basic version the One can not complain. However, where the One can not conceal its true identity is on the side of the car, where the mirror covers are made in very hard black plastic.

If we open the door, we take a seat on gray, with dust upholstered chairs. Of course there are endless other types at your disposal, but Mini likes to get more money for that. Fortunately Mini did not save too much and the display on the center console shines as we also know from more expensive Mini’s. You can connect the phone via USB and auxiliary; playing the music via Bluetooth requires an extra investment of € 360. The standard radio can be listened to through the four speakers and controlled by the buttons on the center console or via the buttons on the sporty and leather-wrapped steering wheel. Although it may look like this, Mini navigation skips the standard equipment. Still interested? The system has a price tag of € 920. It is a pity that the cruise control is missing (€ 280), but in return, electric windows around and mirrors are present. Also lights and wipers (with heated nozzles) do their work automatically. Hand-operated air conditioning is standard available, automatic air conditioning with two zones costs € 510.

So much luxury that you expect from a brand as Mini is actually present. The asking price is therefore relatively high. Is the Mini so nice enough, or is this really too frugal for you? Let us know below.